Summit Police Department

Ride Along

Village of Summit Police Department Ride-Along Program

The ride-along program is available to individuals who submit a written request to a supervisor of the Summit Police Department (form attached). The supervisor will evaluate the request and make a recommendation to the Chief of Police. The Chief will conduct a background check and reserves the right to deny any request. Written requests should typically be submitted one week prior to the requested ride-along.

Participants must be 16 years of age or older and sign a release of liability form at the police department. Those participants under age 18 must also have a parent sign the form.

The typical ride-along consists of a 4-hour block with a sworn law enforcement officer. The participant will be acquainted with the range of police problems and responsibilities. An orientation tour of the station and squad car will be given prior to initiating patrol. The officer will attempt to expose the rider to as many facets of law enforcement as possible without putting the rider in jeopardy. The rider is free to ask questions and operate certain pieces of equipment.

The goal will be to enhance police/community relations; generate a better understanding and encourage a greater degree of openness and trust between police officers and the citizens of the community; raise the level of citizen awareness as to the needs, problems, and operations of its law enforcement officers; and provide the department with an opportunity to gain some insight into how its officers are perceived by the public.

Ride Along Application