Summit Police Department


A common question we receive at the Summit Police Department is related to whether it is lawful to hunt or discharge a firearm within the Village of Summit or Village of Dousman. The answer is largely dependent on three factors:

1. Where are you intending to hunt/shoot? Each Village has unique restrictions on where a firearm may be discharged. This depends on the type of property on which you are hunting or shooting (size, classification, proximity to buildings, schools, etc.). There are many locations where the discharge of a firearm is prohibited. In addition, discharge of a firearm within certain proximity to a building on land owned by another requires written permission from the land owner.

2. What type of firearm are you using?

  • In the Village of Summit you cannot discharge a rifled firearm larger than .22 caliber rimfire (handguns and muzzle-loaders excluded) at any location other than a bona fide target range approved in writing by the Department of Natural Resources.
  • In the Village of Dousman you cannot discharge a rifled firearm of any caliber (handguns and muzzle-loaders excluded) at any location other than a bona fide target range or existing trap and shooting range.

3. Where will your projectile go? You cannot cause a projectile from a firearm to go over public roadways, walkways, or land owned by another person. The Village of Dousman also restricts a projectile from a bow in the same manner.

If you are hunting, you must also be properly licensed to hunt through the Department of Natural Resources, and in compliance with the restrictions for the hunting license.

For more information on ordinances governing firearms select one of the links below:

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