Summit Police Department

Mission Statement


Summit Police Department

March 31, 2018

Our Mission

The mission of the Summit Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our village by working in partnership with the community to preserve peace, enforce the laws and solve problems. The Department will do so while meeting the highest ethical standards and treating everyone with respect and compassion to preserve individual dignity.

In achieving our mission we will stay true to these values:

Community Partnership

We will engage our community to foster relationships that encourage a cooperative approach to problem solving. The relationships will be built on mutual trust, and strengthened through open and honest communication.


We will be accountable to the citizens and make sure that we provide maximum value in the form of excellent service. Our employees will receive the training and resources they need to meet the expectations of those who depend on us.


We value individual dignity. In all circumstances we will treat others with respect and compassion in order to leave those we meet with a sense of dignity.


We will be held to the highest standard of ethics, integrity, honesty and courage. We will be of high moral character. Our leadership will exemplify these values, and they will be evident throughout the organization.


Our Vision

A community that offers all people the opportunity to thrive with a sense of safety and community.